Sunday, April 12, 2009


What a bad week for workouts.

My parents came down from interstate, and only really get to see them once a year, so spending as much time as I can with them. They loved seeing Lauren and Aston, and it's great to see them spending time with their grandson.

As for nutrition, well.... chocolate is the enemy. But hey, it's easter, and it's what you do.

As for the workouts, we've decided to restart this week from day 36. So we'll restart with the Chest/Tri's/Shoulder workout and go from there. It's just easier, and I'd rather do more than less.

It puts our end date out by a week, but meh, I don't want to miss days, I'd rather repeat them if we've had to miss days.


  1. Just checking in on you guys... hope all is well and you're still pushing play!

  2. Hey, wats up, you are the first Aussie I have found doing P90X. I just completed P90X last week and am now doing Insanity. I total agree with you when you said chocolate is the enemy.G'luck on ur P90X journey.