Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day 36

Today was Chest/Shoulders/Tri's.

What a workout! My entire upper body is on fire. I couldn't do another push up if I had Scarlett Johansson offering her services for one measly pushup. I was that fatigued, I attempted a single arm push up, and collapsed in a sweaty failed heap.

Shoulders and tri's are pumped as after the workout. And the man boobs are slowly melting away. Good to see some definition finally!

Lauren was complaining of a headache the whole time (is it a chick thing with the headaches when there's something they don't want to do?), so she took it easy. Still completed the workout, but not to the intensity she normally does. She's still running around trying to find the best light and angle to show off her little bicep hahahaha

Plyometrics tmw. Bring on the rockstars!

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